9 steps for successful deployment of your intercompany reconciliation software

9 steps for successful roll-out of your intercompany reconciliation software

When you’ve decided to acquire a software to improve your intercompany reconciliation process, a successful deployment of it is crucial. In this article, we list some keys to making this project a success.

We recommend that you set up a change management plan, with emphasis on the internal promotion of the project, so as encourage the entities to want the product. The following steps can help:

Step 1:

Announcement to the entities: inform the entities about the project, the challenges it addresses and the expected benefits.

Step 2:

Send a question list to the entities to gather for each entity or reporting unit the information necessary to build the conversion tables and the source files structures.

Step 3:

Technical Installation of the interco reconciliation software.

Step 4:

Training of the administrator and the key users at the parent company.

Step 5:

Process the information sent by the entities:

  • Creation of the users, the structures, interco rules;
  • Creation of the conversion tables and structures of the import files;
  • In a large group, it might be useful to set up a workshop with a selection of key users (3 key users or so) at the reporting units to test and adapt the user manual.

Step 6:

Create the documentation and schedule the end-user training sessions:

  • Set up the training collateral and the user guide specific to your group;
  • Set up specific training exercises;
  • End-user training.

Step 7:

Real-life test using the data of an intermediate closing.

Step 8:

Analysis of the comments received from the subsidiaries so as to improve the process. Draft a FAQ to improve forthcoming closing. And, if required, update the training manual or instructions manual. Send a report to the subsidiaries and the management of the group.

Step 9:

Go Live !

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