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Corporate Performance Management Software for today's enterprises

Increase the quality, speed, and value of your financial information, at all levels

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Get the most out of Sigma Conso

2 Increase performance

Increase performance

A comprehensive suite of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tools that scale with your organisation and help translate strategic information into operational plans.

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3 Increase value

Increase value

Training, product support, and professional services built on decades of industry experience and expertise, to help you adapt to and harness the challenges of today's business environment.

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4 Improve Constantly

Improve constantly

Keep up to date with our most recent thinking, strategic guides, training events, and more, on the issues and processes that matter the most to you and your organisation.

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Transforming your financial processes

5 real time collaboration 19 Flexible Intuitive Visual 33 Data Traceability 22 Automated processes 28 AI Business intelligence 45 Real time 360 view
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Flexible, intuitive, visual reporting
  • Data traceability for efficient and effortless analysis
  • Automated processes to reduce labour and human error
  • AI- and Business Intelligence (BI) powered analytics
  • Real-time, 360° view of your financial health

Consolidate, plan, report, and grow

Spend less time gathering and interpreting your financial information, and more time adapting to change. Sigma Conso’s Corporate Performance Management software is global, intuitive, and scalable to your organisation. Get more than a financial report – streamline your financial processes and analyses.

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