Consolidation Advisory

Trust our experts for all exceptional group events.

Consolidation advisory

Advanced expertise on demand

Contact our experts with your questions. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Preparing initial public offerings
  • Special consolidation cases: deconsolidation, mergers/absorptions, consolidation currency changes, golden shares, dilutions, changes in holdings, consortia, etc.
  • Consolidation of subgroups, simulations, consolidations by business unit, business sector, geographical area, etc.
  • Business or sub-group valuation

Our approach

Our expert consultant will discuss your needs with you, provide specifications and a schedule and carry out your mission on this basis.

Hans Devloo
Senior Consultant Sigma Conso

Consolidation advisory

Do you need group consolidation and reporting expertise?

First consolidation, temporary need for additional qualified resources, change in group structure, initial public offering, implementation of group management reporting, etc. Do you need consolidation expertise?

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