Consolidation manual

Entrust us with writing your consolidation manual and make your consolidation process more reliable.

Consolidation manual

To enhance the reliability of your consolidation process

A consolidation manual connects the consolidation team at head office with the subsidiaries.  It's an indispensable communication aide which provides many benefits:

  • As a communication tool, it facilitates the integration of new entities in the group
  • It unifies and standardises data uploads to ensure better-quality information
  • It creates a common language: it defines all financial concepts, accounting ratios, etc. used by the group (which may have different names depending on local standards or the country).
  • It defines the roles and responsibilities of each person in the consolidation process: who is responsible for forwarding information in each entity? Who validates it? What is the scope of activity of the parent company’s consolidation department?
  • It details the consolidation schedule: deadline for intercompany reconciliation, deadline to forward subsidiary information, audit periods, etc.
  • It secures processes, even during the prolonged absence or departure of key personnel

Call our experienced consultants and obtain the consolidation manual that matches your group needs

  • Fast close project implementation
  • Implementation of a new consolidation tool: you want to ensure that everyone masters it quickly
  • Implementation of new procedures: you want to inform all involved of changes quickly and efficiently
  • Changes in GaaP or the group's chart of accounts
  • You want to include new entities in the process
  • You want to facilitate the integration of new employees
  • You're facing an increase in internal or external reporting requirements: requests from management, market authorities, etc.

We 'll help you to create the consolidation manual that encompasses all required sections and is perfectly suited to the specific needs of your group.

Chris de Groote
Senior Consultant Sigma Conso

Consolidation manual

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