Consolidation outsourcing

Ideal for annual statutory consolidations

Consolidation outsourcing

Ideal for a first statutory consolidation or for groups which only do annual consolidation

Has your group reached the legal thresholds which require it to produce consolidated accounts? Are your banks and investors asking for consolidated reporting? It's understandable that you may be hesitant to invest in specialised internal resources and a software package which will only be used once a year. Outsourcing consolidation is an ideal solution to meet legal requirements and the requirements of shareholders and investors.

The benefits of Sigma Conso outsourcing

  • Cost control: no technical resources or training in-house
  • No investment: you only pay a usage right and for the service, for each consolidation
  • Time savings: you can spend your time on other tasks
  • Quality: our software is a leader in statutory consolidation and provides you with audit and history tracking
  • Flexibility: you can access your consolidation online at any time
  • History: is the number of subsidiaries increasing? Do you want to consolidate more often? You can choose to acquire the software at any time or use it in SaaS mode to access your complete consolidation history.
Jean-Luc Squifflet
Senior Consultant Sigma Conso

Consolidation outsourcing

Do you need group consolidation and reporting expertise?

First consolidation, temporary need for additional qualified resources, change in group structure, initial public offering, implementation of group management reporting, etc. Do you need consolidation expertise?

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