Interim management

Take advantage of the flexibility provided by qualified interim resources for the time of your project.

Interim Management

The solution to ensure that you always have the right resources in your finance department

As Finance Director, it's essential that you surround yourself with the best experts to have an effective finance team. However, in a complex and ever-changing environment, it's sometimes difficult to find a good team mate quickly, either for a specific project or to replace an employee on leave (sick leave, sabbatical, maternity leave, etc.). It's in these situations that using interim management makes sense. You get a qualified resource who is immediately operational.

Interim managers specialised in finance

Sigma Conso consultants are experienced financial managers who are accustomed to working with groups of all sizes on a wide range of projects:

  • Employee replacement
  • Temporary team management
  • Functional analysis before tool selection
  • Needs analysis
  • Business promotion/termination
  • ...
Chris de Groote
Senior Consultant Sigma Conso


Do you need group consolidation and reporting expertise?

First consolidation, temporary need for additional qualified resources, change in group structure, initial public offering, implementation of group management reporting, etc. Do you need consolidation expertise?

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