Optimise financial processes

Optimise your closing process and improve the quality of your consolidated reporting.

Process optimisation

Optimisation and Corporate Performance Management

Implementing financial performance management in a group  requires defining a methodology, implementing processes and setting key indicators to measure effectiveness. The quality of initial data is fundamental to the success of the process. It is therefore essential that the consolidated data is accurate and provides a true picture of the group.

Sigma Conso's areas of expertise include

  • Consolidation and reporting department organisation to have the right skills in the right place
  • Consolidation and reporting process optimisation: to obtain reliable financial data as quickly as possible
  • Development and implementation of reconciliation procedures for intercompany accounts: this step is crucial for all fast close projects. It saves precious days during the closing period and also improves the quality of accounting information
  • The building of interfaces with accounting and ERP systems to optimise and secure information flows
  • The redefinition of consolidation, reporting and budget needs: your group is changing as are the expectations of your shareholders and investors. We help you meet them and strengthen your role as a business partner.
Hans Devloo
Senior Consultant Sigma Conso

Optimise financial processes

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