Assess and optimize your consolidation process

Assess and optimize your consolidation process

Why should you optimise your consolidation process?

…These are all reasons to optimise your consolidation process.

What is more, and most importantly, consolidating accounts is at the heart of your group’s financial communication and the leading tool to manage its financial performance.

The consolidation process creates value for the group, so it’s crucial that it be optimised.

What are the areas for improvement?

The consolidation process breaks down into three major steps:

What can you do at each of these steps to optimise your consolidation process?

To find out, please take a few minutes to fill out our self-assessment questionnaire.
It is, of course, not intended to replace a full audit of your processes.
It’s simply intended to help you build a list of areas on which you can work some more to improve your overall process.

Dowload the self-assessment questionnaire:

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