2 Things CPM Software Can Do That Will Surprise You

By Sam Cheo, Managing Director, Sigma Conso Asia
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Technology is constantly evolving, and that brings changes to businesses as finance function needs to evolve to embrace digitization in order to add value throughout the business. The government has been proactively encouraging organisations to step up in our digital game. Adopting technology in businesses is not something new, but yet some organisations are still not transforming. This might be due to the uncertainty and doubts on how technology can improve the way we are used to working.

If you are still not sure how technology can help your organisation improve, one way is to invest in a CPM software. Today, we are going to uncover two things that CPM software can do that might surprise you. At the same time, these features can also raise the productivity of our organisation and up your organisation’s digital ante.

2 Things CPM Software Can Do That Will Surprise You

1. All-In-One Dashboard

The advancement of technology has changed the way that data is being consumed. Long gone are the days where one has to open an excel sheet, highlight the cells you are interested in and insert charts. Nowadays, you can visualize all your company’s finance data through an all-in-one dashboard. This is not just a good-looking feature, but one that can bring loads of productivity to the organisation as well.

How? It is simple. Management always find themselves short on time, resulting in having to do overtime. This could trickle down to their subordinates, who have to wait for the management to find time to listen to their analysis. As a result, companies suffer on their productivity as time is spent waiting for decisions to be made before things can move forward.

A real time all-in-one dashboard allows managers to monitor the performance on the go. Not only will management level personnel be able to maximize their time while on the go, it also reduces the need for direct reporting all the time.

2. Automatic Integration To PowerPoint; Automatic Creation Of Dynamic Reports

Not used to the idea of dashboarding and prefer to stick to PowerPoint and reports? Fret not. We understand that some companies are used to the traditional style of updating. For these companies, PowerPoint and reports are still the common form of reporting to get updates on how the group is doing, be it for different departments or for the group as a whole.

While PowerPoint and reports are useful, especially for the management, but it can be time consuming to create them. To brief the management on the Group’s performance, employees have to spend hours perfecting PowerPoint presentations. The same goes for reports that are meant to be read by the management. The design needs to be well thought through while time needs to be spent to ensure that formatting and font size are consistent. This negatively impacts the group’s productivity since minimal value can be derived from such activities.

With CPM software, real-time data can be directly integrated into a presentation. It also reduces the need for writing reports since insights can be directly derived from the dashboard. The time saving from automatic integration and automatic creation of dynamic reports can be put to more value adding activities to increase the group’s output.

Note: this article was originally published on LinkedIn.