Better CPM application performance

By Vincent Cornil, Director of Development, Sigma Conso
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Vincent Cornil

Many of our new clients have told us how pleasantly surprised they are with the performance of our applications.

Apparently, calculation and data return times of about a minute (or more) are still standard for many Corporate Performance Management applications used by groups.

However, doesn’t the term corporate performance management include the word “performance”?

So, why settle for mediocre technical performance when current technology enables nearly instantaneous response times?

Sigma Conso is constantly innovating its applications. This ensures that we can provide the most advanced technology to our customers who get the benefit of optimal performance.

While report display times used to be measured in minutes, and consolidation calculations took several minutes...our users can now take advantage of the speed of our applications, which take just seconds to perform the same tasks.

The best technology for the best performance

Group consolidation and reporting software and strategic planning applications are complex. They handle large volumes of data which increase with the size of a group’s entities/activities.

To ensure that these volumes don’t penalise our customers, we make a series of technological choices at development time to optimise the performance of our applications:

  • Upstream programming of system rules to perform transactions such as the elimination of shareholders' equity (in some competitor systems, programming is done line by line by a consultant)
  • Type of field used (whole number, alphanumerical character, etc.) which is also carefully selected given that this parameter impacts the overall performance of the application
  • Use of transactional databases to carry out queries and launch complex processes (elimination, calculations, etc.)
  • Implementation of In-Memory technology for retrieves and management reporting
  • A consistent search for the lowest options during application development. The result is greater development complexity (a challenge our IT teams appreciate); however, this ensures that the product we deliver to our customers is of the highest quality.

Calculation times are short and display times depend solely on the quality of the server connection.

Would you like to improve the performance of your CPM? Contact us today for more information!