FP&A: ETL processes and data integration

Quick and easy interface to ERP systems and other data sources

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To drive your business forward, it is vital to have access to all relevant data at all times. In many companies, however, information comes from several different data sources, for example ERP, accounting or CRM systems. Therefore, consistent data integration is a key component of successful business management.

Are you confronted with the following questions?

  • How can we work efficiently with information from different data sources?
  • How can we integrate different formats and types?
  • Is there a simple solution for individual data structures?
  • How can we make sure consistent, reliable data is available whenever we need it?

Sigma Conso Planning offers convenient and transparent access to all source systems and enables organizations to carry out all transformations, filter definitions and adjustments centrally with your ETL tools. This provides finance teams with a reliable database for planning, forecasting, analysis and reporting.

Sigma Conso and data integration

In a simple, efficient process, data is transferred directly to the Sigma Conso environment and can then be linked to existing models. These capabilities can be used with both the on-premises solution and SaaS model, giving your business flexibility and agility.

During import, you can either transfer existing data for example master data, structural information or transactional data, or you can create individual transformations.

In addition, there are extendible standard connectors that help you define automatic and scheduled imports. As a result of its open architecture, Sigma Conso provides standardized access to more than thirty ERP systems and also enables a straightforward connection to all popular data sources.

The benefits

  • Reliable basis for planning, forecasting, analysis, reporting and strategic decisions
  • High data quality and consistency
  • Comprehensive and relevant information, available at any time

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Sigma Conso Planning is the result of a partnership with Unit4 FP&A (formerly prevero) in 2014. This allows Sigma Conso to complete its offer with top planning, budgeting and forecasting software, which rated extremely well in the latest BARC study in 2020 (Planning Survey 20):

  • Customer satisfaction rate of 94%
  • Outstanding rate of 97% of coverage for reporting and planning specific requirements
  • Top-ranked in self-service and flexibility