Improving consolidated fund reports

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How to choose the right software to facilitate and improve consolidated investment fund reports?

Here are four aspects to consider that will make a difference:

  • quick implementation
  • flexibility
  • compliance with regulatory requirements (INREV, AIMFD)
  • Improving consolidated

Discover Sigma Conso, recognised consolidation software used by many funds.

The Luxembourg financial market is the leading investment fund centre in Europe and the second in the world.

Fund managers who must prepare consolidated reports, often quarterly, are now virtually required to rely on consolidation software to guarantee the quality of financial information and production speed.

What are the right criteria to make a choice?

1. Opt for quick implementation

Selecting dedicated software for account consolidation ensures that you will benefit from fast implementation at a lower cost thanks to pre-configuration and native automation.

Deployment in SaaS mode means that you will be operational immediately without having to have your own IT infrastructure. It will provide secure access to users regardless of where they are in the world: at local companies, at fund managers; consolidation managers and financial analysts will receive and analyse the reports on their tablet or smartphone.

2. Opt for a flexible software package

Your investment portfolio is constantly changing: new holdings, disposals, etc.

A flexible consolidation package will adapt to the changes quickly.

Flexibility means:

  • Easy processing of changes in scope: addition/removal of entities, changes in holdings, etc.
  • The ability to manage each fund in a separate environment: separate access rights and different parameters for each fund.
  • Simultaneous management of several accounting standards (IFRS, Luxgaap, etc.), currencies, etc.
  • Simulations: what is the impact of a change in holdings? of a disposal? of the application of new accounting standards? And more.

3. Create complete, transparent reports quickly

From data collection to the production of various reports, it’s important that a single source of information be communicated throughout the entire process with no manual re-entry of information to ensure consistency and flow.

You are guaranteed compliance with the latest standards and directives and will be able to automatically feed into AIFMD-type reports and have access to INREV specificities.

4. Get all of the benefits of an upgradable dedicated application

What is your current volume of activity? What will it be tomorrow? An upgradable application enables you to manage a few files to several hundred funds.

The implementation of a high-performance consolidation and reporting tool will increase your added value.

Sigma Conso can help you meet your goals in this area by providing:

Consolidation advisory services
Recognised consolidation software
used by many Luxembourg-based funds: Alter Domus, the Big 4, Hines, Intertrust, SGG, Value Partners, Vistra, and more.