Innovation at Sigma Conso: your financial software in the cloud

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Sigma Conso, supplier of CPM software and services, has the mission to simplify processes for group reporting and planning professionals. The group therefore uses the most innovative technologies to always keep one step ahead of customers’ expectations.

The tools of Sigma Conso are full-web, which guarantees that our clients can benefit from a quick implementation within their group and compatibility with all operational systems (Mac, Linux). In addition, our clients have a direct access to the tool via a browser and from each device with an internet connection.

PaaS, SaaS or on premise?

In addition to the cloud, the expressions PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) are also omnipresent. Research reveals that investments in SaaS and PaaS will continue to grow. Sigma Conso was also able to observe an increase in the number of clients that chose software in SaaS or PaaS modus (see hereunder, for example in Belgium from 8,89% in 2014 to 12,09% in 2016).

Percentage of quantity

Software in PaaS means that the supplier will take care of the hosting services: use of infrastructure, licenses, security (back up, fire walls, environmental risks), maintenance, upgrade of systems and the installation of new software releases. The client has in this case acquired the rights to use the software. With SaaS, you pay a periodic fixed fee for the use of the software, the maintenance and the hosting services.

What are the concrete advantages of the cloud?

The software can easily be installed. Moreover, the user has the guaranty to always use the newest version of the system. It is also a sustainable solution, as resources can be shared.

Other advantages rely on the improved security (the cloud provider of Sigma Conso is ISO 27001 certified) and on the fact that you can better control your costs. A technical intervention of our specialized consultants can also take place at very short notice, as they don’t require a temporary access to the servers or to make a transfer to the clients’ offices.

What the future brings

At Sigma Conso, we strongly believe in the future of cloud technologies and we work on a daily basis on new software and technology updates. The newest version of our tool will possess a feature that makes it possible for databases of different applications to communicate without putting them on the same platform or making a link for the import/export of data.