Intercompany reconciliation: the perfect interface for your fast close

By Vincent Cornil, Director of Development, Sigma Conso
Vincent Cornil

Innovation is very important to Sigma Conso. It enables our clients to stay current with technology and get the benefit of ultra-high-performance applications every day. In fact, we added more than 50 new features to the latest version of our consolidation and reporting application released this spring.

We didn’t forget intercompany reconciliation functionality either: version 2.1 provides performance gains and greater process automation to save you time and meet your fast close objectives. And of course, it guarantees the quality of the financial information you provide to your shareholders and decision-makers.

In our opinion, one key aspect of automation is the interface between your corporate management performance suite and other transactional applications. That’s why we added a “hub” to our CPM software suite, which more and more customers are using.

A hub for greater corporate performance management automation and fast close

What is the hub?

The hub is a bidirectional interface which imports and exports data to and from corporate performance management applications from and to all related systems: ERP, accounting software, cash management software, etc.

The hub automatically integrates all new content created during the intragroup reconciliation process...thereby decreasing the amount of work required and increasing execution speed. It’s a real asset when you want to implement a fast close process.

You no longer need to rely on external interfaces with the hub. Dialogue with third-party systems is managed within Sigma Conso applications.

What does the hub provide to intercompany reconciliation in practice?

  • Even faster integration in your work environment. The hub “industrialises” interfacing to some extent. Customers no longer have to develop specific interfaces. Complete “software” neutrality: Sigma Conso Intercompany interfaces with your current consolidation software, regardless of which one you’re using, to provide it with all of the interco information it needs for balances, transaction currency balances and more. Difference types can also be recovered.
  • Greater process automation: the entire process can be automated, from transaction integration for matching, to accounting documents, to the generation of adjustment entries for the different intercos in the consolidation application.

Do you have questions about the hub? Contact us to find out more.