Your FP&A process: Reporting, Analysis & Dashboarding

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To build and retain market position and business growth, companies must be able to make better and faster business decisions based on reliable information. This can only be achieved through the use of a powerful performance management solution which is capable of processing large amounts of data from both internal and external systems and deliver real-time, comprehensive and accurate data.

Are you frequently asked for…?

  • Ad hoc reports on the latest forecast figures
  • Updated presentations for the Management Board, including the latest data on the current performance
  • Deviation analysis
  • Comparison of actual, forecast and plan/budget data
  • Customer classifications based on expected future revenues

It takes a lot of effort for FP&A teams to collect and validate the data and figures needed to address these requests and to present and visualize them for specific target groups. In addition, they often face additional challenges including:

  • Frequent ad hoc requests from other colleagues and managers who expect a rapid and detailed response
  • The need to generate multiple different reports, e.g. due to different currencies and companies etc.
  • The ability to manage the presentation and distribution of complex facts in easily digestible formats for different user groups within the business
  • Single Point of Truth reporting: all users in all levels of the business need to have authorized access to the same information in the system without creating additional work for the team
  • Limited options for displaying reports and analysis on different devices, which makes sharing and collaborating on data in real-time problematic

This is where Sigma Conso comes in: our Planning software offers a consistent management tool for all divisions and levels across an organization and provides integrated and effective reporting, analysis and dashboarding at the click of a mouse.

The solution

Sigma Conso Planning (powered by Unit4 FP&A) enables users to create a variety of different reports, analyze data and define dashboards on a single, fully integrated platform. The solution retrieves current data from all operational systems and external data sources and makes it available to all users, on all devices, based on a consistent database.


Quickly and easily, Sigma Conso provides:

  • Standard and ad hoc reports
  • Individual and customized reports for different users and user groups
  • Automatic report distribution for selected recipients and in different formats (PDF, .xlsx, etc.)
  • Secure access to reports dependent on user-specific credentials thereby ensuring data security
  • Compliance with all accounting standards including templates for all IFRS and regional reporting standards
  • The ability to slice & dice, roll-up, drill-down, drill-through data at a transactional level
  • A wide range of visualization options


Our advanced analytics software discovers hidden patterns in historical data to help your teams identify potential opportunities and risks to your business. These include:

  • Time series, top ten, top value, break even and deviation analysis
  • Ad hoc analysis, hit lists and benchmarks
  • Advanced trend analysis
  • Automatic target/actual and year-on-year comparisons
  • Analytical formatting with traffic light methods
  • Customer classification based on expected future revenues


Thanks to modern dashboards that are easy to create and customize, you always have all relevant KPIs at your fingertips. This helps you keep track of key figures including:

  • Gross margin
  • Fixed & current assets
  • Equity / liquidity
  • Working capital
  • COGS etc.

The benefits

  • A single, consistent database guarantees secure access to reliable, real-time business and finance information at all times and from any device
  • Reliable numbers for executives and shareholders
  • Improved planning as future developments become more predictable
  • Effective support to enhance your decision-making process
  • Time savings for FP&A and finance teams allowing them to focus on more meaningful work
  • Intuitive and easy to use leading to high user acceptance and adoption

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Sigma Conso Planning is the result of a partnership with Unit4 FP&A (formerly prevero) in 2014. This allows Sigma Conso to complete its offer with top planning, budgeting and forecasting software, which rated extremely well in the latest BARC study in 2020 (Planning Survey 20):

  • Customer satisfaction rate of 94%
  • Outstanding rate of 90% of coverage for reporting and planning specific requirements
  • Top-ranked in self-service and flexibility