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Business case Auchan

Business cases

Auchan Group: key information

The situation

The Auchan Group needs to reconcile a large volume (millions) of transactions per year. The use of different information systems within the group make it a complex process. The financial team of the group wanted to accelerate the intercompany reconciliation process while increasing quality and was looking for a reliable software to count on.

The solution

The result

Since the implementation of Intercompany in 2012, the group now uses the perfect software for an optimal intercompany reconciliation process, resulting in an optimal closing process on group level as well as on entity level.

Next to the quality of the information and its optimized traceability, also the productivity of the process has increased: with the implementation of the software, the time spent on reconciliation at every closing period is reduced from 2 persons for 2 weeks to 1 person for only 2 days (preparing the process).

Intercompany is based on a technology that is easy to use. This allowed the users of the software (about 100 end-users) to be quickly operational with the tool. Furthermore, the software enables to:

Using Sigma Conso Intercompany enables to:

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