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Business case Kloosterboer

Business cases

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Kloosterboer: key information

The benefits – in a few words

The situation

The group Kloosbeheer needs to produce monthly a group and multiple sub consolidations of more than 45 entities in 7 countries for legal and internal management reporting purposes.

The group was looking for a reliable and high-performance solution who could produce the statutory consolidation and monthly reporting of the group.

The result

Jack van Lohuizen, CFO of Kloosterboer, explains: “We have completely underestimated the migration from Excel to Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting in terms of own efforts. However, by being constantly in contact with the same reliable consultant of Sigma Conso who knows the specific needs of our group very well, and his flexible attitude, we were able to respect our deadlines.

Moreover, the Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting tool fully responds to our needs and more, being

Wolter Brama, Group Controller at Kloosterboer, adds:

“The migration from our consolidation in Excel to the automated solution of Sigma Conso has offered us many benefits. Our data is now more reliable, both at entity and group level, processes are more streamlined and we are better in control. Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting has made it possible for me to produce a monthly consolidation and elimination for balance sheet, P&L, cashflows, budgets and forecasts, and I now have a complete overview of the figures with all the necessary details, instead of one time a year at the closing period.”


Watch the video and discover how Sigma Conso helped Kloosterboer simplify their monthly group reporting:


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