Business case: PLC S.p.a.

Case Study: Consolidation and Reporting


Key information:

  • Market leader in the field of renewable energy plants
  • Headquarters: Milan
  • Operational Headquarters: Acerra (Naples)
  • Year of foundation: 1996
  • Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, MTA segment
  • Consolidated turnover 2018: 49.8 million euros
  • For more information: www.plc-spa.com


The return on investment – In a few words

  • The consolidation logic present in the application made it possible to achieve the first consolidation in a few days
  • Full autonomy in the use of the application
  • Full traceability of data at each stage of the consolidation process
  • Automatic feeding from the management system

The starting situation

PLC S.p.a. is a fast-growing group. The consolidation software used until then was beginning to show its limits and the Finance Department was looking for a more advanced and more efficient application, to allow them to independently establish the consolidated financial statements every six months.

In 2017, the company chose to use Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting because of the advanced features of the application and the ease of interfacing with their ERP system. The application has been adopted in SaaS mode, which avoids the costs of managing the platform and allows you to always use the latest version of the software.

The result

The implementation of Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting enabled the company to establish the first consolidation in a short time thanks to the consolidation features already preconfigured in the application and the use of the “starter kit”.

In a second step, the group was able to automate the production of the notes to the consolidated financial statements using the Excel Add-In.

Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting enables the PLC group to prepare the consolidated financial statements twice a year, on time and in full autonomy.


Cecilia Mastelli, CFO-Manager in charge of the preparation of accounting documents of PLC S.p.a., explains:

The implementation of the first consolidation was very fast thanks to the consolidation logic present in the software. In addition, by using the account mapping functions available in the application, we were able to import the accounting information from the ERP system without having to intervene on the data. Subsequently, we largely automated the production of the notes to the consolidated financial statements. We prepare the half-year consolidated accounts, and the users have become progressively autonomous with a few days of training. What we value most about Sigma Conso is the complete traceability of the data at each stage of the consolidation process.


Consolidation using a spreadsheet versus consolidation software
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