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Business Case Spie batignolles

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Spie batignolles: key information

The benefits – in a few words

About Spie batignolles

Spie batignolles has a rich, 170-year history. It is a major player in construction, infrastructure and services. The group is an independent entity involved in six major business areas: construction, public works, civil engineering and foundations, energy, real estate and concessions.

The group is present throughout France and internationally (140 locations) and employs 7,000 people.

The challenge

It has become crucial for growing groups like Spie batignolles to use a modern, full-web application to get the benefit of quick calculation times and web access to the application at any time and from everywhere in the world.
The Spie batignolles Consolidation Department organises the group’s closings, through to the publication of the brochure. Consolidation is done quarterly, with an audit of half-year closes. Consolidated reporting is prepared in CRC 99.02 and IFRS for the highest level of group consolidation. There are several consolidations as a result.

The Spie batignolles group is experiencing strong growth and has an active acquisitions strategy. This implies frequent changes in scope and the need to be equipped with “agile” consolidation software. In addition, given the frequent addition of new entities to the consolidation scope, Spie batignolles wanted software which was easy to learn and able to quickly adapt to all types of environments (ERP, etc.). Furthermore, the implementation of user-friendly, easy-to-use software was essential to simplify the work of the many contributors in the subsidiaries.

The result

Stéphanie Vorillon, Director of Accounting and Consolidation at Spie batignolles, explains that:

“Sigma Conso’s Consolidation & Reporting application was quickly adopted by the subsidiaries: none of our employees would want to go back now given how simple, secure and quick data importing has become. The auditors are equally enthusiastic. Account auditing is easier and they use restitution reports in the form of dynamic cross-reference tables which provide the finest level of detail. The application provides them with complete transparency on the group’s accounts.

Work has also been simplified for the Consolidation Department throughout the entire process: interco reconciliation, consolidation calculations, production of the notes, integration of new entities…We also use the application for tax purposes.”

There is an automatic interface between the balance and the group’s accounts for each entity.
From the group standpoint, dashboards enable real-time tracking of the progress made by the subsidiaries and of the success of the consolidation.
Thanks to greater visibility and a very user-friendly application, the group has gained in efficiency and speed with accurate consolidated information.

Stéphanie Vorillon, Director of Accounting and Consolidation at Spie batignolles, adds that:

“The Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting application perfectly meets our needs in a context of strong growth: quick production of quarterly consolidated accounts which are easy to audit. It provides us with excellent autonomy to manage changes in scope, prepare reports and notes, and more.
We have a relationship of trust with Sigma Conso. Our next project involves IFRS 16. Everyone was thrilled when we announced to the teams at head office and in the subsidiaries that we had selected Sigma Conso. To be continued!”


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