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Case Study: Jetfly Group

Business cases

Consolidation with Sigma Conso

To assist the group in its statutory consolidation, the Financial Management of Jetfly wanted to implement a professional software. Read the full case study now.

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Jetfly Group: key information

Main benefits – in a few words

The situation

Jetfly operates in the airline industry and is experiencing significant growth. Consolidation was performed in Excel until 2019. This resulted in:

To assist the group in its statutory consolidation, the Financial Management of Jetfly wanted to implement a professional software. Obtaining reliable information and full traceability of the data were crucial for the group. Jetfly launched a request for proposal to several software providers on the market, including Sigma Conso, recommended by their auditor Grant Thornton. Sigma Conso was eventually chosen as the partner to produce the consolidated financial statements.

The solution

The group chose Consolidation & Reporting in 2019 to perform the consolidation:

The result

The implementation of Consolidation & Reporting results in a reliable consolidation process and increased quality of the financial information.

The group uses a modern application that is quick to use and assists them in the group’s evolution. The innovative technology used by Sigma Conso also offers an exceptionally high performance.

In addition, the implementation of the software reduces the risk of errors: information is managed centrally within the group, the entire consolidation process is automated and manual interventions are limited.

The extensive checks and logical validations, standard available in Consolidation & Reporting, ensure a reliable and optimal process. The history of the consolidation entries can be consulted at any time, thus ensuring perfect traceability of the data.

The auditors also appreciate the software since it offers complete transparency of the figures and simplifies their task. Communication with the auditors is therefore faster and easier, thanks to the audit reports that are standard available in the tool.

Jonathan Haddad, Group Controlling Director at Jetfly:

«Sigma Conso’s software provides an answer to all our requirements regarding consolidation. The tool is intuitive and has a modern and pleasant interface. The application is very performant and our data is now more reliable. What I also greatly appreciate is the support of Sigma Conso’s team of experts, including a very efficient help desk.»

Your consolidation and reporting processes

Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting is a software package for statutory consolidation and management reporting to provide a single version of the truth. The software is multilingual, multi-standard and multi-currency to meet the specific needs of international groups. It is quick to implement and of intuitive use.

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