About Sigma Conso

For the past two decades, our goal has been simple: to help finance leaders and their teams drive success through innovative CPM tools and strong execution practices.

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Who we are

While Sigma Conso was founded in 2002, we can trace our roots back to 1983, when the EU mandated consolidated accounts, and our founder, Allen White, built his first consolidation software platform to help businesses meet that need. Like Allen White, we have always been driven to simplify business processes and make financial management more intuitive and rewarding for clients. We do this with a passion for innovative solutions.

Today, we are fortunate to be considered an industry leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software, with offices across Africa, Asia, and Europe and a broad client base of more than 600 international groups. As we have expanded, though, we have never lost sight of our founding values. Whether big or small, we have scalable solutions to transform your organisation and how it does financial management.

In October 2021, Sigma Conso joined Canadian group Prophix, specializing in FP&A. The group formed by Prophix and Sigma Conso serves nearly 4,000 customers worldwide.

How we work

Nurturing a globally recognised brand takes unending professionalism, a unified team of experts, and a commitment to best practices. Across our leadership and the rest of the company, we seek to live by our values and mission to ensure we always acknowledge and meet our clients’ needs exactly.

We also immerse ourselves in our sector. Allen White spent his entire career on consolidation, mastering its art and nuances. Each member of our team has studied White’s methods to truly understand the intricacies of CPM, whether they work in sales or IT.

Add to that our state-of-the-art software and a work environment that attracts and nurtures world-class talent, and we believe that you have a company that is fully equipped to lead in innovation, understanding, and meeting client expectations.

Our goals

Sigma Conso strives to simplify business processes and financial management for every company that needs it. We support you in your success however and wherever we can because our goal is to become synonymous with excellence in customer service and Corporate Performance Management.

Our values

Being at the cutting edge of Corporate Performance Management, we focus on concrete objectives and sharing our expertise, encouraging our team members to challenge themselves and the company continuously. In this way, we grow stronger, together.

And while we, as a company, may be driven by goals, our core is centred around the relationships we build. For this reason, we listen to our colleagues and clients, ask for opinions, and maintain a positive attitude – no matter the circumstances.

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Our clients

We are proud of the outstanding relationship we enjoy with our clients and believe it is a testament to the quality of the products and service we offer.

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Our partners

We are fortunate that our expertise and effectiveness have connected us with world-class businesses. We have partners in an array of corporate industries all over the world.

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Our solutions

Our CPM solutions help today’s enterprises optimise and accelerate their financial processes and increase the quality of their data and decision-making.
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