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We are fortunate that our expertise and effectiveness have connected us with world-class businesses. We have partners in an array of corporate industries all over the world.

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Our partners

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Because we continuously seek to work with like-minded organisations, we have established different partnership programs that aim at fulfilling a variety of business goals. We like to work closely with our partners towards innovation, collaboration, and mutual success.

Our partnership programmes are:

Reseller Partnership

One of our goals is to work with resellers that have access to a portion of our target audience or other sales opportunities, especially consulting and financial companies. We make available our financial solutions, which our resellers then provide to the target audience in return for an agreed percentage of the income.

Implementation Partnership

These are partners that have the skills and experience required to work directly with our clients. Our implementation partners ensure that clients understand and use our solutions correctly in their respective businesses.Our implementation partners are consulting companies with good knowledge of financial solutions and the ability to offer solutions to customers’ issues.

Referral Partnership

Our referral partnerships are businesses that offer finance-related services. They refer us to their clients, and have a direct impact on revenue generation by recommending the use of Sigma Conso solutions.

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Our different partnership programs allow various organisations to find a suitable option for working with us. Find yours today.
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