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Consolidation, management reporting, intercompany reconciliation: discover what our clients say

Business Case ParFi Group

Business cases

Consolidation with Sigma Conso

ParFi Group has chosen Sigma Conso to meet its clients’ growing demand for consolidation services. Discover the business case below.

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ParFi Group: Key information

Return on investment – in a few words

Here are the benefits that Parfi gets using Sigma Conso software:

The situation

To meet their clients’ growing demand, ParFi Group set up a consolidation & reporting department at the end of 2018.

Until then, ParFi Group offered tax and accounting services.

More and more holding companies and groups in Luxembourg have been asking ParFi for consolidation support as their needs in this area were becoming more and more complex:

A consolidation manager was hired, in the person of Paul De Vuono. Paul was familiar with Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting software from his previous experience in the fiduciary field and this is the solution that he recommended when setting up the consolidation and reporting department.

ParFi Group needed consolidation software:

The solution

At the end of 2018, ParFi Group decided to implement Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting to carry out statutory consolidation files but also contractual consolidations, for the clients willing to have a global picture of their group’s performance.

The results

With Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting, ParFi’s consolidation & reporting department is totally autonomous, and can meet their clients’ various requests.


Paul De Vuono, Consolidation Manager with ParFi Group explains:

“What I like most about Sigma Conso software is its flexibility. We have complete control of the software. The quality of customer service is also very good, we have good contacts with the Sigma Conso teams, both in terms of account management and support. I always receive the right answers to any technical question. Last but not least, the flexibility and performance of the application allows us to deliver a high value-added service to our customers, whether it is consolidation outsourcing or support and consulting.”

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