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22nov - 23nov 2209:00nov 23Module 4: Case studies in consolidation (FULLY BOOKED)Luxembourg (training in French)

26nov14:00- 14:30Webinar IFRS 16: What is the impact for your group? Which solution to implement?In French

28nov08:00- 10:30Breakfast Meeting: Bilancio consolidato, reporting, riconciliazione intercompanyAgrate Brianza, Sigma Conso Italia

29nov09:00- 11:30Circulo de consolidación: La reconciliación de operaciones intercompañíaMadrid, Spain

4dec18:00- 20:00Client cocktail LuxembourgCelebrating our 10-year anniversary in Luxembourg!

18dec18:00- 21:00Client cocktail BelgiumJoin us at Duvel Moortgat Brewery!

20dec10:00- 10:45Webinar: Come semplificare i processi di consolidamento e reportingIn Italiano

20dec12:00- 12:30Webinar: Come migliorare il processo di riconciliazione intercompanyIn Italiano

Consolidation trainings

Discover also the different modules of our consolidation trainings. They follow a rigorous and practical methodology and cover both the basic techniques as more complex issues.