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9apr14:00- 14:30Webinar: Unifying consolidation and reportingen Français

9sep - 1109:00sep 11- 17:00Training: Basic techniques in consolidationBrussels, Belgium (training in Dutch)

23sep - 25sep 2309:00sep 25Training: Basic techniques in consolidationLimelette, Belgium (training in French)

15oct - 16oct 1509:00oct 16Training: Case studies in consolidationBrussels, Belgium (training in Dutch)

23oct09:00- 17:00Training: Consolidated cash flow statementBrussels, Belgium (training in Dutch)

11nov - 13nov 1109:00nov 13Training: Basic techniques in consolidationLuxembourg (training in French)

19nov09:00- 17:00Training: Changes in group shareholders' equityLuxembourg (training in French)

20nov09:00- 17:00Training: Consolidated cash flow statementLuxembourg (training in French)

26nov - 27nov 2609:00nov 27Training: Case studies in consolidationLuxembourg (training in French)

Consolidation trainings

Discover also the different modules of our consolidation trainings. They follow a rigorous and practical methodology and cover both the basic techniques as more complex issues.