Accelerating digital transformation

Simplify IT, increase data security, and future-proof your organisation with easily deployable, cloud-based CPM software

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Sigma Conso’s suite of CPM tools enable CIOs to support and accelerate their organisation’s digital transformation. Greater process automation, top-level security, and our cloud-based architecture reduce the impact on your IT team, allowing you to focus on your own client experience and organisational strategy.

Future-proof, tech-forward business

  • Flexible, cloud-based software with a modular architecture
  • Process automation to save time, reduce errors, and eliminate labour-intensive tasks
  • Scalable technology to match organisational requirements

Bridge the IT skills gap

  • Cloud-based deployment and management without the need for additional IT resources
  • Pre-built integration with your ERP and other systems
  • Full product training, support, and annual “health” checks

Data and cyber security

  • Cloud-based installation or on-site
  • Cloud-based Microsoft Azure hosting

We recommend these solutions

Financial Consolidation Software

Accelerate your close cycles and support better, more agile decision-making. Sigma Conso’s financial consolidation tool is easy to deploy and serves as a single source of truth with traceable, real-time data, dynamic reports and simulations.

  • Fast time-to-value with no need for IT or expensive consultants
  • Flexible, visual reporting that's easy to share with all relevant stakeholders
  • Supports multiple reporting standards, currency requirements, and languages

Intercompany Reconciliation Software

Automate one of the most time-consuming and painstaking financial processes. With real-time data, review, and approval for intercompany transactions and balances, the Sigma Conso intercompany reconciliation tool centralises your oversight while decentralising the process.

  • Fully integrated and interfaces directly with your other systems
  • Intuitive, centralised reconciliation process progress visualisation
  • Rapidly identify variances and their type

Planning Software

Run “what-if” scenarios, support strategic decision-making, and further standardise planning and reporting. Sigma Conso’s AI-powered budgeting and planning tool automates data collection and integration from your ERP, while eliminating labour-intensive, error-prone processes.

  • Flexible and easily deployable, with no need for IT or expensive consultants
  • AI- and Business Intelligence-based analytics to help drill down and reveal risks and opportunities
  • Scalable and agile, supporting top-down, zero-based, driver-based, or rolling forecasting

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