Performance Management for Small and Medium Businesses

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Sigma Conso provides Small & Medium Businesses a single source of truth for their financial information, across all entities. An intuitive, user-friendly interface, automated processes, and simplified collaboration allows for fast, cost-effective budget preparation, analysis, and reporting.

The quality of information gives you an accurate picture of your organisation’s financial health.

Build trust

  • Comprehensive and accessible reporting for internal and external stakeholders
  • Complete data traceability for maximum transparency

Manage growth

  • Quickly and iteratively test your cost structures, revenue, and organic growth strategies
  • Deeper, more accurate insights to identify risks and exploit growth opportunities

Future-proof, tech-forward business

  • Flexible, cloud-based, software with a modular architecture
  • Process automation saves time, reduces errors, and eliminates labour-intensive tasks
  • Scalable technology to match organisational requirements

Data and cyber security

  • Cloud-based installation or on-site
  • Cloud-based Microsoft Azure hosting

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