Human Resources Planning

Human Resources Planning

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Facts and figures, growth and success – in the end, all results depend on people and not on machines. It is therefore crucial to use an efficient planning tool for your HR to help the group achieve the goals that were set by the management team. The use of dashboards, for example, allow to easily link HR to the performance management of your company.

An efficient HR planning tool can improve and facilitate personnel management by the use of functionality for data modeling, analysis, reporting and planning. Next to that, a professional tool for planning offers different types of access to the system (according to the profile of the user) to guarantee confidentiality while using one open system.

Personnel management is crucial and has to take into account structural changes, evolutions in the required competences, demographic changes, … Personnel management gets a whole new dimension adding those factors.

Next to that, the goal of personnel management is also to discover the potential of every employee and to anticipate to possible evolutions in the labor market. You should 1) take into account the personnel costs, but also 2) integrate analytical and qualitative data: management of individual careers, evolutions in the labor market and in the sector, growth of the company, …

Typical questions for a HR director

The answer

Sigma Conso offers you a complete tool for your forecasts, including a specific module for personnel management that allows companies to build their forecasts in a simple and reliable way. It is also possible to make medium-term and long-term plans, on both employee level and per cost center.

The application automatically takes into account the evolution of certain parameters such as remunerations, bonuses, resources, and so on.

It is possible to use forecasting scenarios based on factors such as turnover of the personnel, the evolution of remunerations, the end of maternity or paternity leave, … to calculate the effects on the organization.

On reporting level, the software offers various standard reports that can be personalized. It is also possible to create custom analyses in a couple of clicks, like planning of the personnel needs, management of telecommunication costs or the performance of the recruiting process.

The tool also has multiple access levels to guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive information.

What are the challenges for the responsible of personnel planning?

Sigma Conso Planning is a tool that fulfills all your requirements and offers the following functionality:

Sigma Conso Planning uses an advanced authentication system that guarantees a complete confidentiality of the information and a rigorous control of access.

The benefits of Sigma Conso Planning for personnel planning

The tool allows to:

HR planning

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Sigma Conso Planning is a budgeting and strategic planning application which provides advanced performance analysis, business intelligence and forecasting functionalities. Include your financial and operational data for a transversal approach of your business.

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