A unified consolidation and reporting application for international groups

When developing our unified consolidation and reporting application, one of our top priorities was to offer a universal software application, to meet the expectations of large international groups, whatever the countries in which they are located: Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting is a multilingual, multicurrency application and it enables consolidation in different standards … This way, we deliver our consolidation & reporting software to groups that have a presence in more than 130 countries, and that make multi-standard consolidated reporting, in 2 or 3 standards, not to mention “standards” specific to the group … And the application is available in many European and Asian languages.

Since the beginning of 2017, we’ve been delighted to welcome 3 Japanese groups as new customers, established both in Asia and in Europe.

What they appreciate with our consolidation & reporting software

  • Its business logic: same business logic as Japanese consolidation software
  • Its universality: analytical consolidated reporting, statutory consolidation, consolidation of budgets, group management reporting, etc.
  • The possibility to generate consolidated balances, to feed the Japanese consolidation software application
  • Its flexibility
  • Its quick implementation
  • Its user-friendliness
  • The high performance of consolidation processings
  • Our hands-on approach
  • The number and quality of our references

Practice shows the high flexibility of our consolidation and reporting application to cater for any specific need, efficiently. The requirements of Japanese groups for accurate reporting and audit traceability are fully met by Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting.


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Looking to make your group reporting more efficient?
Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting is a unified consolidation and reporting software application. It is web native and provides complete data traceability and powerful internal and external reporting functionality.
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