ACCA Singapore Annual Conference 2019

Sigma Conso is a proud sponsor of the ACCA Singapore Annual Conference 2019! Come and join us on the 14th of May 2019 in Singapore.

To thrive in the Industry 4.0, businesses will need to transform to keep up with the ever-changing business environment and customer expectations. How can you adopt agility to work faster, adapt better, and deliver greater value for money?


With the dawning of Industry 4.0, digital is rapidly becoming the norm; and so is constant change. Today, the success of any business or practice hinges on how well and effectively they manage the constant waves of disruptions. To do this more successful, businesses are adopting agile working methods.

Business agility

Business agility is often referred as an organisation’s ability to respond rapidly to changes in internal and external environment without losing momentum, vision or compromising quality. Agile transformation is not just a methodology! It is a disciplined approach that requires a change in mindset. Agility is known to make us work faster, adapt better, and delivers greater value for money by driving profits and improving all aspects of an organisation; from finance to project management and overall organisational change.

Preparing for the future of finance

At ACCA, we recognise the potential opportunities for businesses and individuals to grow in this dynamic landscape and are delighted to be working with the Agile Business Consortium, a global leader in promoting business agility, for this year’s Annual Conference, to help you transform your organisation. The Conference will discuss, with practical examples, what business agility is and what it means for businesses, business and finance leaders and individuals as they gear up for the future of finance in Industry 4.0.


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