IFRS 16 with Sigma Conso

Sigma Conso helps you easily manage your lease contracts and intuitively carry out all required tasks:

  • data collection from transaction systems
  • financial calculations & consolidation entries automation
  • contract documentation management
  • data vizualization for arbitrage and decision making.

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  • January 25 from 11h00 – 11h45

The tool provides :

  • High-performance management of large contract and transaction volumes and their storage (In-Memory technology);
  • A powerful engine that automates complex calculations: fixed asset, new asset amortisation, fictitious loan simulations with the lessee’s incremental borrowing rate or the implicit rate, etc.;
  • The option to easily carry out simulations to measure the impact of the most important contracts on your financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow);
  • Integrated interfaces which automate data and metadata acquisition from the various source systems (the contract database, ERPs, data warehouses, etc.) and provide output data to automatically feed the consolidation software and other target systems;
  • A collaborative platform to process data, text, comments and to record attachments;
  • A workflow system to track the progress of work at all levels of your organisation, open to all involved;
  • Easily configurable and standard delivered reports, including Business Intelligence to visualise your data and facilitate internal and external communication.

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