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Are you interested to learn how Sigma Conso can help you to optimize the financial information of your group? Follow one of our webinars now: the perfect opportunity to get to know our software suite that can be fully customized to your needs..


Optimize your consolidation & management reporting process

Discover our software that unifies statutory consolidation and management reporting
to provide a single version of the truth. The software meets the needs of international
groups (multilingual, multi-standard and multi-currency) and is fully configurable
by the customers for a low total cost of ownership.

– June 18 from 10h00 – 11h00 (CEST)
– July 15 from 10h00 – 11h00 (CEST)
– August 17 from 10h00 – 11h00 (CEST)
– Or available on request

“Thanks to the tool, the time to produce our consolidated figures is reduced by
a factor of 5 and we are happy to be able to always count on Sigma Conso experts
and its efficient support team.”
Sylvain Aubry, Consolidator at Banimmo

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Automate the reconciliation of your intercompany transactions

Discover our unique software for the reconciliation of intercompany transactions,
which enables the entities to perform the reconciliation themselves, improves the
quality of your financial data and helps you in your fast close project.

– June 18 from 11h30 – 12h30 (CEST)
– July 15 from 11h30 – 12h30 (CEST)
– August 17 from 11h30 – 12h30 (CEST)

– Or available
on request

“With the implementation of the software, the time spent on reconciliation
at every closing period is reduced from 2 persons for 2 weeks
to 1 person for only 2 days.”
Isabelle Bouvier, CFO at Auchan

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Would you like to receive more information, but you are not available on the proposed dates? Do not hesitate to contact our sales department: sales@sigmaconso.com or one of our offices.

About Sigma Conso

Sigma Conso provides software, training and services in the field of Corporate Performance Management (CPM). Sigma Conso has a recognized expertise in financial and statutory consolidation and management reporting and provides over 600 international groups with tailored and flexible solutions that facilitate their financial management.

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