Report Luxembourg User Day 2014

The Luxembourg Users’ day took place on October 7th at the “Domaine Viticole Cep d’Or”, in a picturesque landscape – in the middle of vineyards, along the banks of the Moselle river. This half-day event is a unique opportunity for our clients to get updated about the latest product developments, company news and to meet and share experience with their peers.

Luxembourg is a significant market for Sigma Conso: the group’s turnover there has grown by 15% over the last 12 months, thus confirming its leading position on the ‘consolidation software’ market.

In Luxembourg, companies and groups such as KPMG, EY, Rotarex, Cebi International, Dennemeyer, WE Finance & Services, IEE, Ventos … to name a few, have recently selected Mona Group Reporting to optimise their consolidated reporting

Many clients attended the Users’ Day this year: the 4 Big 4 were on board, as well as prominent accounting firms (Alter Domus, Intertrust, HRT, Pandomus), large multinational groups (incl. Cogent Communications who delivered a brilliant presentation on the way they leverage Mona Group Reporting for a worldwide monthly reporting, using linked categories and point of views) and groups from Luxembourg active in fields such as civil engineering, manufacturing, logistics, etc.

The event was the occasion to inform our clients about the latest product developments with a focus on Mona Group Reporting 2.0 and Mona Disclosure:

  • Mona Group Reporting 2.0 was unveiled in ‘avant-première’ in Luxembourg on the occasion of this client event: this version brings a significant change as far as the “philosophy” of the solution is concerned: from a mere consolidation and reporting solution, Mona Group Reporting turns now into a communication platform for the finance teams.
  • Mona Disclosure: this application complements Mona Group Reporting and automates the production of financial statements and synchronise updates at any time.
  • The agenda featured two client case studies: Alter Domus explained how they optimized local bundle collection and, as stated above, Cogent Europe S.A. explained how they moved from a European sub consolidation to a U.S. group consolidation and how they perform monthly reporting thanks to the points of view (segmentation), linked categories and analytical dimensions.

The meetings ended in a friendly manner with a wine tasting session and a cocktail party.

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