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Belgacom, Fluxys and Siat Group choose Sigma Conso

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Brussels, July 16th, 2013 – Belgacom, Fluxys and Siat Group selected Mona Group Reporting, the unified consolidation and reporting software package. Belgacom also opted for Mona InterWeb to optimise reconciliation of intra-group transactions.

is active in telecoms, information technology and media. The finance team wanted to optimise the group’s consolidated data production. It had been using a tool from a generalist software company, but needed a more flexible solution that it could master, supplied by a reliable partner with the needed industry expertise. The Belgacom finance team was also looking for a tool to reconcile intercos and transactions. It selected Mona Group Reporting for its power and ease of use and Mona InterWeb to obtain reliable and perfectly auditable consolidated data.

The financial team of the Fluxys group, a builder of gas infrastructure, wanted to improve the organisation of its consolidated data production process. The goal was to get the consolidation and reporting departments working together better. The company put out a tender to the leading unified consolidation and reporting software suppliers. Mona Group Reporting was selected because of its wide range of functionality and its ease of use. Fluxys will also do its budget and consolidated estimates with the Sigma Conso solution.

Siat is a group of agro-industrial companies (plantation development and management in Asia and Africa). The arrival of a new shareholder in its capital increased financial reporting requirements and led Siat to look for software that would enable it to do its financial reporting easily and reliably. Mona Group Reporting enables the group to create powerful reporting autonomously.

Dominique Galloy, Managing Director of Sigma Conso, said that: “Mona Group Reporting provides the flexibility required to adjust to the needs of clients that are very different in size, organisation and financial processes (statutory consolidation, forecast reporting, budgets, etc.). The Mona InterWeb solution is becoming increasingly popular with more and more major groups that have understood that an intra-group transaction reconciliation tool is a real asset for improving the individual and consolidated accounts closing process. We are confident that our new clients will quickly benefit from the new processes they are now implementing.”