Galapagos Group has adopted Mona Group Reporting

Brussels, 13 March 2012 – The Galapagos Group has adopted Mona Group Reporting, the unified software consolidation and reporting Sigma Conso, to achieve the statutory consolidation and management reporting group.

Mona Group Reporting will help the Galapagos group to achieve its fast through close management capabilities and currency translation adjustments and thanks to the reliability of motor consolidation and reporting, while ensuring audit quality and traceability information.

Chris Pollie, Senior Finance Director Galapagos Group, said: “We used a previously proposed by a giant field of publishing management software solution, but showed signs of weakness. We were doing until consolidation and interim reporting, but as we plan to spend on a monthly basis, we needed a reliable tool to help us shorten the production accounts. The reputation of Sigma Conso, features comprehensive consolidation and reporting, auditing possibilities offered by Mona Group Reporting, product stability, ease of use, and finally the Excel Add In that enables you to create dynamic reports in Excel … motivated our choice. ”

Dominique Galloy, CEO of Sigma Conso adds: ” Galapagos is a group of high technology and high performance with a strong international presence. We are pleased to be able provide a solution that meets their requirements for quality and speed in the production of their accounts. We attach great importance to professional ethics: Mona Group Reporting is software that keeps its promises. ”

About Galapagos
Galapagos (Euronext: GLPG ; OTC: GLPYY ) is a company active in the field of biotechnology. Galapagos is specialized in the research and development of therapies implementing small molecular compounds and antibodies, with innovative ways of action. The company has a large number of projects in biotechnology, with seven programs in development and over more than 50 research programs. The Galapagos Group has its global headquarters in Mechelen, employs more than 800 people and operates facilities in six countries . For more information, visit