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InSight simplifies the analysis of financial data with Qlikview technology

Press releases

Brussels, September 16th, 2013 – Mona Insight, a Business Intelligence module based on QlikView technology for viewing, analysing and sharing, for decision-taking purposes with consolidated data supplied by Mona Group Reporting, the unified consolidation and reporting application.

Mona Insight enables financial departments and various internal and external decision-makers (operational departments, decentralised entities, shareholders, investors, etc.) to browse group consolidated data following their own stream of questions.

In this way, the innovative and powerful features of this module allow improved in-depth analysis unlike conventional business intelligence solutions, which only analyse data relating to the search, Mona Insight also highlights non-associated data, which often also reveals relevant information. Finally, the solution simplifies collaborative tasks and gives easy access to the data, whatever the medium used (e.g. tablets, smartphone, etc.).

Vincent Cornil, Development Manager, says: “We want to enhance the features of Mona Group Reporting to facilitate decision-taking by our customers, based on their consolidated figures. QlikView follows the user’s routing and thus provides answers and a fresh light on any question asked: analysis of past events, identification of opportunities for growth, etc. As research progresses, the user can ask questions which had not been thought of at the start and in this way obtain new angles. This technology therefore appears to be the best possible choice: the intuitive approach and the analytical power provided by the system have made it a tool of choice for group financial and operational departments”.

Dominique Galloy, Sigma Conso’s General Manager, adds: “With Mona Insight, our customers will enjoy to best effect statutory consolidation and management reporting, allied with a leading edge technology for analysis and decision-making, in a pre-packaged solution, which is unique on today’s market”.