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Mona Group Reporting in Switzerland with Synchrotech and CapFinance

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Brussels, June 7th 2013 – Sigma Conso, provider of software for consolidation and financial reporting, has announced the double signature of a distribution agreement in Switzerland with Synchrotech and a “Partner Implementation” partnership with CapFinance.

Synchrotech, specialist in IT solutions for performance management, and CapFinance, a consultancy firm specialising in group consolidations and financial advice will each contribute their expertise to setting up the Mona Group Reporting solution. Synchrotech will also contribute its skill in hosting data in Switzerland and maintenance of the solution. CapFinance will in particular work side by side with customers, contributing its business expertise to guarantee implementations that are always consistent with the needs of local clients.

CapFinance has also acquired Mona Group Reporting for production of its own group consolidation documents. The consultancy firm will thus gain in efficiency and speed and can guarantee its clients a high level of quality and traceability in producing financial consolidations and controls.

Raymond Primmaz, CEO of Synchrotech, and Gilles Fiorio, consulting executive, explain: “Synchrotech was searching for a user-friendly consolidation solution, fast to set up and designed by financiers to meet the specific needs of the Swiss economic structure, including that peculiar to the French-speaking part of the country”.

Fabien Grange, technologies executive with Synchrotech, adds: “Mona Group Reporting, a unified consolidation and reporting software package, is a solution that is both reliable and up to the minute technologically. Its well thought out integration, from accounting systems or to analysis solutions and its architecture, facilitating easy hosting with Synchrotech, are blended to superb effect with our skills”.

Anouck Ansermoz and Isabelle Guyon, partners with CapFinance, put it like this: “As well as the performance of Mona Group Reporting, we appreciate the control and independence that the system brings us; we do not depend on the software vendor for its configuration and we offer a standard solution for the Swiss GAAP RPC, IFRS standard and complying with the Swiss Code of Obligations. Clients therefore have a solution perfectly tailored to their needs, in record time and at minimal cost.

Furthermore, using Mona Group Reporting within the firm has another benefit: we can share our own experience and explain to customers how to make the most from the solution.”
Nour Avrany, partner with CapFinance, adds: “Mona Group Reporting was designed by specialists in group consolidations and reporting professionals; it therefore offers an intuitive solution for a finance team. In my opinion, this is what makes it so very different from the other systems that have been available on the market hitherto and justified our choice of this solution. Mona Group Reporting also meets increasing demands from financial departments, to combine a group’s external and internal reporting in a single system.”

Dominique Galloy, General Manager of Sigma Conso, concludes: “Swiss groups have been seeking reliable and innovative software solutions to control their performance. We have chosen to work with Synchrotech and CapFinance for their strong expertise in consolidation and reporting: they bring true added value to groups which opt for our solutions”.

About Synchrotech

Synchrotech is a consultancy firm based in Switzerland (Martigny, Lausanne and Romont), which specialises in management and performance solutions for companies and in business intelligence. Since 1998, Synchrotech has offered its services to business divisions, including Finance, which gain from its expertise in information technologies. Synchrotech offers its clients its 15 years of experience, so that they can maximise the benefits from using the business data that they handle on a daily basis. Proximity, pragmatism and flexibility are key values at Synchrotech for a quality service, from the collection of requirements up to implementation and maintenance of the delivered solutions.
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About CapFinance

CapFinance is a consultancy firm based in Switzerland (Lausanne) which specialises in group financial consolidation. CapFinance offers its services in group financial consolidation, management audit and performance analyses, delegation of skills in consolidation and financial management part time and short-term, support during mergers and acquisitions, risk analysis and internal audit systems (French abbreviation – SCI) and in optimising costs and organisation.
The team also offers technical training courses (Swiss GAAP RPC, IFRS standards, training courses in consolidation, etc.).
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