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Mona InterWeb is the new Sigma Conso software for interco

Press releases

Brussels, 5 June 2012 – Mona InterWeb increases the overall productivity of the financial consolidation process thanks to the implementation of a decentralised, collaborative process, while guaranteeing a high level of security.

The technology choices made for the development of Mona InterWeb, Sigma Conso’s second-generation reconciliation software, provide unequalled performance for the periodic reconciliation of thousands, even millions of transactions. The solution is accessible directly from a web browser and is compatible with PCs, Macs, Smartphones and pads.

Vincent Cornil, Director of Development, says that: “We emphasised both the solution’s performance to enable it to deal with very high transaction volumes and Mona InterWeb’s ergonomics. Its ease of use for operational users is a key success factor for projects in deployment. The solution is particularly intuitive. The central team’s piloting and leadership role wasn’t overlooked: a home screen enables it to visualise the progress of the reconciliation process at a glance, entity by entity, highlighting situations where action is potentially required.  This is clearly an asset when piloting the process at the group level.”

Dominique Galloy, General Manager of Sigma Conso adds that: “The reconciliation of intra-group transactions is one of the main reasons why the consolidated accounts closing process is slow. Optimisation of the reconciliation process makes it possible to save several days on closing and to improve its reliability. The solution we offer today enables the entities of a group to carry out reconciliation in real time, without being impacted by potential time zone differences, at the time chosen by each entity, and within the time-frame set for the reconciliation.

Mona InterWeb is our answer to a request made by several of our clients to be able to give more responsibility and autonomy to their entities in order to increase both the productivity and the quality of account production. The solution also makes it possible to shorten the audit phase and to avoid auditor comments thanks to the quality and detail of the information it provides.”