Sigma Conso announces the publication of Direct Consolidation

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Brussels, 19 April 2016 – Sigma Conso, an international supplier of corporate performance management software and services, announced the publication of the book Direct Consolidation – Consolidate your expertise, written by the company’s founder Allen White.

The book is in English. It is 500 pages long and intended for consolidation professionals, students, group financial managers and anyone looking for an introduction to consolidation or wishing to increase their knowledge about the topic. The book will be distributed by Sigma Conso.

Consolidation is explored in depth with many explanations and examples. The book also covers fast close process optimisation and includes a complete case study over two years with a consolidated cash flow statement and several self-assessment quizzes with detailed answers.

The book is both a necessary tool for anyone wishing to learn the consolidation business and a reference tool to be used when complex situations arise within a group.

Allen White, a Sigma Conso Director and author of the book explains: “I wrote the book at the request of several Sigma Conso partners who wanted to be able to provide it to their non-French-speaking clients. I had already published two books on the subject in French in the early 1990s (La Consolidation Directe, principes de base and La Consolidation Directe, études de cas) which were reissued several times.

When I began translating the books I realised that, even though consolidation techniques hadn’t changed much over the past 20 to 30 years, my approach had changed considerably.

Direct Consolidation – Consolidate your expertise reflects the pedagogical approach I’ve developed over the years. I include cases I’ve encountered and comments and questions from my clients and the many participants in my consolidation courses. I go into greater detail about certain aspects and I added case studies of uncommon situations which every consolidator may be faced with during their career. I also discuss certain practical aspects such as the organisation of the consolidation process. I’ve included the most recent IFRS developments with an impact on consolidation technique.”

Dominique Galloy, Managing Director of Sigma Conso, adds: “Our mission is to simplify group reporting and planning processes for finance professionals. In addition to the business software and consulting services we provide our clients, we also share our expertise via our Academy offering. We provide regular consolidation courses and seminars on various aspects of group performance management. We hope that the book will provide all of our clients, partners and employees with consolidation expertise and that they will use it as a reference when they encounter difficult situations. We also hope that, thanks to the various anecdotes, cases and quizzes included, the book will always be a pleasure to rediscover.

We look forward to pursuing our international development. I’m fully convinced that Allen’s new book will help us reinforce the reputation of Sigma Conso staff for business expertise internationally. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Allen for sharing his knowledge.”

About the book Direct Consolidation – Consolidate your expertise

Title: Direct Consolidation – Consolidate your expertise

Publisher: Conso Services International

Author: Allen White

Language: English

Price: 90 EUR incl. VAT

500 pqges

Issue: 2016

ISBN: ISBN 978 – 99959 – 0 – 210 – 0

About Allen White, author of the book

Allen White has devoted most of his career to consolidation: he developed one of the very first consolidation programs back in the 80s and performed various consultancy tasks at different groups. Out of his expertise, he developed a rigorous and concrete methodology which is taught during the consolidation trainings and covered in his book: Direct Consolidation, 2016, 500 p. Allen White co-founded Sigma Conso in 2002.

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