Sigma Conso announces the third major release of its browser-based consolidation and group reporting application

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Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting 3.0 will allow financial departments to leverage cloud technology to simplify their closing and group reporting processes.

Brussels, June 1st, 2018 - Sigma Conso, international supplier of CPM software and services, today announces the release of the third major version of their unified consolidation and group reporting software application.

Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting was designed to simplify statutory consolidation and management reporting for international groups. The application is based on the most recent Microsoft technology. Since its inception back in 2010, the Sigma Conso application has been designed to be modern and innovative.

With this new version released on June 1st, Sigma Conso is committed to deliver state-of-the art cloud technology to the financial departments, to support them in their digital transformation. Many new features in this release are related to usability and user experience. They include:

  • Modern interface: the workspace automatically adjusts to the screen (PC, laptop, tablet, …) to make the most of the available space and to display as much information as possible; the menu is available as a sidebar;
  • Enhanced security: the single sign-on reduces the risks of unauthorized accesses. At the user’s level, the single sign-on simplifies password management. It is compatible with cloud directory services such as Azure/Office365 and Google.
  • The cloud without compromise: the OData protocol automates the exchange of files between browser-based applications, thus reducing the amount of manual interventions for enhanced reliability and higher efficiency. The application also features an advanced spreadsheet input screen (use of formulas, graph creation, page set-up …), fully integrated in Sigma Conso, browser-based, offering full portability.
  • Additional group controlling functionality: set up of growth planning and assumptions, monitoring of the latest estimates (comparison with the actuals and the budget); easy workflow creation, possibility to add monitoring functions ; complex reporting capability, graph creation, for improved management reporting.

Vincent Cornil, Sigma Conso R&D Director, explains:

“Sigma Conso software applications are the result of a permanent innovation process: this latest version includes state-of-the art cloud technology; as for the functional innovations, most of them have been suggested by our clients. With a new release of our application every 18 months, we strive to deliver to our clients the latest CPM technology to support them in the digital transformation of the finance function.”

Dominique Galloy, Sigma Conso Managing Director, adds:

“Sigma Conso’s mission is to simplify processes for group reporting and planning professionals. Our applications are browser-based, allowing for quick implementation; it is essential that the digital transformation of the finance function does not increase the technological debt of the organisation and allows for a quick return on investment.”

About Sigma Conso

Sigma Conso provides software, training and services in the field of Corporate Performance Management (CPM). Sigma Conso, with its head office in Brussels, has a recognized expertise in financial close management and financial planning and analysis. Sigma Conso provides over 600 international groups with innovative and scalable solutions that simplify their financial management.

Sigma Conso is currently undergoing fast international expansion with a presence in major European and Asian economic centres. The group has offices in Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Amsterdam, Agrate Brianza (Milan), Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta and is present in other cities via an extended network of partners.

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