Seminar in Berlin to bring the different teams together

Seminar in Berlin to bring the different teams together

Seminar in Berlin to bring the different teams together

A company with a strong human dimension

Given the fact that “human” is one of the core values of Sigma Conso, it is obvious that this is also one of our internal priorities. Started as a company with a small team, Sigma Conso is always growing with currently an international presence and 7 offices abroad. New team members come to add their knowledge to the existing teams and we think that it is crucial that every colleague has the chance to get to know each other, which will also result in better team work.

That is why Sigma Conso organizes every year a teambuilding abroad (Rome in 2016 and Barcelona in 2015), where the teams from the 7 countries are reunited and spend some time in a relaxing atmosphere. The location of the teambuilding stays a secret until the end and the colleagues are starting to guess the location long before the actual date.

Eventually, on the 9th of June, each team gathered at the airport of their country and the destination was revealed: we left for a two-day teambuilding to Berlin, Germany!

Different activities in a relaxed atmosphere

The weather conditions were great (up to 28 degrees) and the days were filled with different activities, but there was also time left for a drink at a terrace and a chat with each other.

On the second day, a street art workshop was organized where every one of us designed their own graffiti canvas. Afterwards, a tour was organized in the smallest streets of Berlin to have a look at the actual art work in the streets and teach us the meaning of this form of art. The teambuilding took his end in a relaxing way with a picnic at the Tempelhofer Feld.

The mission to bring the different teams together in a relaxed atmosphere and making some great memories has been accomplished. And that proves that next to the expertise that Sigma Conso offers to its clients, the company is above all human. Are you interested to know our other values? Have a look at our website page here and discover our vacant positions now.

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