By Dominique Galloy, CEO, Sigma Conso

Dominique Galloy

The end of the year is an appropriate time for taking stock. 2016 saw a great number of achievements for Sigma Conso and before starting 2017, we would like to briefly review through this article the significant events for our group.

Software, Academy, Advisory

  • Sigma Conso offers a comprehensive portfolio of corporate performance management solutions. We deliver software applications, an integrated advisory approach and training. To strengthen this unique positioning, we split our activities into 3 business units :
  • Release of the version 2.1 of Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting and of Sigma Conso Intercompany. The new versions include over 50 new features, offer ever-better performance, user experience and an increasing integration between the different modules and with other finance applications.
  • The release of these new versions was the occasion to rename the applications to better reflect the increasing integration between the suite’s modules and to create more consistent messages about their functionality:
    • Mona Group Reporting has become Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting
    • Mona InterWeb has become Sigma Conso Intercompany
    • Mona Planning has become Sigma Conso Planning
  • Our new website was launched during the Summer and we updated our information materials to support these evolutions:
    • Consolidation & Reporting flyer. Dowload the flyer here.
    • Intercompany reconciliation flyer. Dowload the flyer here.
    • Planning, forecasting and budgeting flyer. Dowload the flyer here.
    • A blog was integrated into our website, where we regularly post articles related to our main activities: Consolidation & Reporting, Fast Close, Budget, Planning & Forecasting, Academy and Consulting.

Working at Sigma Conso

  • In 2015, we defined the values shared by people working at Sigma Conso. In January 2016 we gathered to define the mission and the vision for the group. Discover the outcome here.
  • To strengthen the link between the teams across the different countries, we had a 2-day teambuilding seminar in Rome last June. Read the report here.

Growth in 2016

  • 2016 is a milestone for Sigma Conso as we signed and successfully implemented our first planning projects in Europe and Africa.
  • Sigma Conso experienced a strong growth, especially in South-East Asia (3-digit growth) where we have the pleasure to serve very large groups and conglomerates.
  • The SaaS, Planning and Services activities record the highest growth for this year.
  • Sigma Conso strengthened its integration partner network to be closer to its clients and deliver high quality service.
  • Finally, we’ve made the strategic decision to expand our distribution and reseller networks for our cloud and on premise solutions.
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