Sigma Conso CPM Software

Software for your consolidation, management reporting, intra-group reconciliation, planning, budgeting, modelling and forecasting: web native and available in SaaS or on premise.

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Consolidation, management reporting, intra-group reconciliation, planning, budgeting, modelling and forecasting...

Sigma Conso CPM Software

Intercompany reconciliation
Our tool performs reconciliation at transaction level and offers you a decentralized process that enables the entities to realize the reconciliation themselves.
Statutory consolidation
Reduce consolidated account closing times, improve your group's financial data, do simulations to facilitate strategic decisions.
Management reporting
You'll have reliable figures and make the most of them: group level KPI tracking, data display, reporting for different time periods, etc.
Performance analysis
Your actual data, budget and planning are all on a single platform, meaning you work with a single version of the truth. You get a better understanding of the financial, strategic and operational impacts of your decisions.
Financial forecasting
Rely on complete, easy-to-use modelling tools. Analyse current and historical data to build reliable scenarios while assessing risks and potential.
Budgeting and strategic planning
Plan and forecast the different components of your group's business: cash flow, sales and production forecasts, resource and labour requirements. Develop simpler, collaborative, and more effective online project planning based on your group's processes and departments.
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