Speed up your budgeting processes

Speed up your budgeting processes by effectively tracking of your strategic objectives:

Define your long-term strategy and track its implementation based on your financial and operations data:

  • Perform simulations
  • Scenario calculations (changes in exchange rates)
  • Create different versions
  • Define criteria to measure your strategy’s effectiveness

Consistent, unified and centralised financial and operational data

Shorten your budgeting process thanks to:

  • Centralised operational and financial data
  • Standardised import formats and data aggregation
  • Automatic report transmission
  • Automatic allocation criteria
  • Flash forecast calculations based on actual and budgeted numbers

Several approaches are available

Several approaches are available to create your budget based on your specific needs and entity profiles

  • Top down approach – directive and descending
  • Bottom up approach – collaborative and ascending
  • Activity based approach – based on global activities

A transversal approach to your business

Our software (available in SaaS and on premise) provides:

  • A multi-dimensional and detailed view of your activities
  • Several display options (based on allocation criteria)
  • Dashboard functionality to facilitate data interpretation
  • Automatic forwarding of customised reports to users based on their profiles and needs
  • The ability to manage several projects (assumptions and implications, profitability and management analysis and reporting)
Discover Sigma Conso Planning
Sigma Conso Planning is a budgeting and strategic planning application which provides advanced performance analysis, business intelligence and forecasting functionality. Include your financial and operational data for a transversal approach of your business.
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Speed up your budgeting process by centralising information and effectively tracking your long-terms objectives. Download the brochure here!