Scalable and user-friendly cloud services

Sigma Conso features browser-based software technology and you can benefit from a complete portability of the software, whatever the device. The applications can be installed on premises or delivered in PaaS or SaaS mode. It brings immediate benefits such as:

  • A release from IT constraints and costs:
    • The application requires no IT-specific skills from the users to be managed,
    • The application relies on up-to-date infrastructure.
  • A support for business transformation and process innovation:
    • It reduces IT infrastructure costs (no major upgrade cost),
    • New functionality is delivered quickly without business disruption for the client,
    • The application scales easily as the organization grows,
    • Easy and seamless integration with your other applications, in the cloud or on premises.

Browser-based spreadsheet

For a full portability of the functions: The cloud without constraints!

Sigma Conso financial close applications are delivered with a browser-based spreadsheet, giving you similar functionality to Excel when Excel® is not available. Whatever your device, you have an online spreadsheet application and you are able to:

  • Create secure input forms
  • Guide data entry and get reliable consolidation packs
  • Create a workflow
  • Create calculation forms to build a budget or calculate accurate forecasts.

This web-based spreadsheet also offers powerful report functionality: you can create advanced presentations, including calculations, graphs, etc.

OData protocol

Connect Sigma Conso to your cloud applications thanks to the OData protocol and give your finance department a fully-integrated SaaS platform for highly automated processes!

HTML user interface

Sigma Conso is browser-based and thus, directly available from any device connected to the internet.

All the functions are available from the cloud: graphs, data, … for a quick and secure access to all your financial information.

In a nutshell

Choose Sigma Conso and break free from legacy CPM applications: since 2008, Sigma Conso has been developed using full-web technology and brings you the best of the latest technology, allowing you to focus on your core business and forget about technology.

Using Sigma Conso software will save you money, thanks to:

  • Fast software rollout,
  • Fast execution: high computing performance, finance reporting, information sharing and communications,
  • Easy set-up and self-management of the application: your teams are able to adapt the software set-up depending on your needs and requirements.

This approach helps your organization to remain agile and responsive to shifting business needs.

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Streamline your financial close and FP&A processes with cloud technology: consolidation, intercompany reconciliation, reporting, budgeting and planning.