Logiciel de consolidation et reporting de gestion

Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting est un logiciel qui unifie la consolidation statutaire et le reporting de gestion pour une version unique de la vérité. Découvrez les fonctionnalités de visualisation et d’exploration des données pour faciliter les analyses et aider les décisions. Nativement web, notre outil de consolidation financière se déploie rapidement et est entièrement paramétrable par le client pour un coût de détention le plus faible possible et pour accompagner rapidement vos évolutions.

Unified consolidation and reporting software

  • Easy to learn
  • Consolidation of actual, budgeted and forecast data
  • Multilingual, multi-currency and multi-standard
  • Automated data import and export
  • Web native: available in SaaS and locally
  • High-performance: your consolidation is calculated in seconds

Financial consolidation

Effective consolidation process management

  • Simple communication with all parties involved
  • Secure, optimised data collection
  • Advanced validation at each process step
  • Easy configuration (changes in scope, new currencies, changes to the chart of accounts, etc.)
  • Delivered with many reports: cash flow statement, activities reporting, multi-standard comparisons, audit reports, country by country reporting (CBCR), etc.

Reporting and analysis

Create visual reports and define your reporting format based on the indicators most relevant to your company

  • Dynamic reports: Automatic financial communication media updating
  • Simulations (acquisition, sale of a business, etc.)

At the leading edge of technology

Developed with the most recent Microsoft tools in .net architecture and SQL Server, Sigma Conso applications are full web and accessible from a PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.

The applications can be hosted on your servers or accessible in PaaS or SaaS mode. In this case, a simple Internet connection is all that’s needed to access the software.

Windows 10 Browser Support Statement
Sigma Conso applications are also supported on Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise.


A hub for increased automation

Sigma Conso provides a hub to automate and enhance the reliability of data import and export to and from its applications and to and from all third-party systems: accounting software, ERP, etc. All of the data, including flows and analytical aspects can be accessed.

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