Business intelligence and forecasting functionalities

Using software with both business intelligence and forecasting functionality enables you to include future changes in your sales, cost prices and revenue into account in your forecasts.

Set long-term goals and quickly and reliably determine the resources needed to implement and achieve them.

For all types of forecasts

Our integrated platform covers all types of forecasts:

  • Integrated financial forecasts
  • Sales forecasts
  • Production forecasts
  • Human resources requirements forecasts
  • Performance management by project
  • Investment tracking

Flexibility for reliable forecasts

Integration of the full complexity of your business:

  • Rolling forecasts
  • Multi-scenario forecasts (optimistic, pessimistic scenarios)
  • Simulations: goal-seeking approach, what-if approach, activity-based approach

Assistance for your forecasts

Take advantage of the assistance provided by the software for automatic forecasts using several different methods:

  • Moving average
  • Linear trend
  • Exponential smoothing
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Sigma Conso Planning is a budgeting application which meets all company planning needs including integrated financial planning, sales, production and human resources planning, etc.
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