Automate intercompany and intra-group reconciliation

Our experience shows that automating intra-group reconciliation with expert software:

  • Saves several days on closing
  • Increases quality
  • Frees up finance teams for higher added-value missions

Decentralised, collaborative management

Our software lets you entrust the reconciliation process to the entities. Transaction matching provides more precise information and can help make local accounting more accurate.

The collaborative platform facilitates internal communication and extensive traceability.

Benefits for all users

  • The entities: time savings, better communication
  • The consolidator: real time auditing of the overall process
  • The finance department: improved data quality
  • The group: quick implementation and high security
  • The auditor: complete data transparency
Discover Sigma Conso Intercompany
Sigma Conso Intercompany is a reconciliation software application for intercompany accounts. It installs quickly and provides significant ROI in the first weeks of use. It helps improve the quality of accounting data quality at the entity level and reduces closing time.
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