Simple and flexible group reporting

Our software helps you make your group reporting more effective:

  • Consolidation of all types of data: forecasts, budgets, non-accounting data, etc.
  • Reporting for different time-frames
  • Creation of reliable performance indicators
  • Simple and quick report creation and sharing

Simplify decision-making

Automatic inclusion of the software’s data in your presentations (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) for general management and data display functionalities to facilitate decision-making.

Benefits for all users

  • The financial department: a single version of the truth
  • The group entities: several entry modes (online, Excel, automatic import)
  • The management controller: data display and quick identification of discrepancies between actual, forecast and budget numbers.
  • Operations departments: effective department management
Discover Consolidation & Reporting
Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting is a consolidation software package which unifies statutory consolidation and management reporting to provide a single version of the truth. The software is fully configurable by customers for the lowest possible cost of ownership and to keep pace with a rapidly changing environment.