Simplify your budgeting and planning processes

Discover Sigma Conso Planning (powered by Unit4 FP&A):

  • Modern cloud software that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and best practices.
  • One seamless, comprehensive performance management environment to cover all aspects of your financial planning.
  • Analyze, report and share your data quickly and easily: drill-down to transactional level, slice and dice, automated report distribution, dashboarding.
  • Empower your people leveraging the full power of the platform without the need for specialist IT knowledge.

Supporting your core planning processes

  • Integrated Financial Planning
    • A flexible, integrated approach to cover all your financial planning needs: planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, or forecasting sales, costs and revenue.
    • Intuitive, high-impact data visualizations that will help to plan, manage and mitigate risks more effectively.
  • Analytics & Reporting
    • Free up time by using AI and Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics.
    • Analyze, report and share your data quickly and easily: drill-down to transactional level, slice and dice, automated report distribution.
    • Decode the hidden patterns in historical data to reveal risks and opportunities.

  • Sales & Operations Planning
    • An integrated approach to sales planning, analysis and reporting to help define the necessary prerequisites, requirements and processes for your sales operation.
    • Track your organization’s effectiveness by using a whole range of KPIs through user-friendly and configurable dashboards.
  • People Planning & Analytics
    • Make better-informed decisions about your people, e.g. how best to deploy them.
    • Apply data from your ERP and HCM systems with ease.
    • Uncover high-performers and make the best strategic decisions with data aggregation and analysis.
    • Harness analytics to inform your decisions and ensure you always have the right people doing the right things.

Choosing a well-established partnership

Sigma Conso Planning is the result of a partnership with Unit4 FP&A (formerly prevero) in 2014. This allows Sigma Conso to complete its offer with top planning, budgeting and forecasting software, which rated extremely well in the latest BARC study in 2020 (Planning Survey 20):

  • Customer satisfaction rate of 94%
  • Outstanding rate of 97% of coverage for reporting and planning specific requirements
  • Top-ranked in self-service and flexibility

What our customers say...

“The tool provides us with an all-in-one solution for sales management: transparent, fast planning as well as a perfect overview of the differences between budget and actual figures at all desired levels.”

Günther Jaritz, Commercial Director, Pfeifer Group

“A very big advantage is the ‘Single Point of Truth’: changes to central planning premises during the budgeting process are tracked centrally, so that all people involved always have access to the current status and do not have to go through several versions of, for example, sales planning.”

Matthias Klug and Nadine Staible, Chief Financial Officer, Diehl Aviation

“We are pleased about the added value that we have gained in terms of transparency and uniform data. The processing of data works well: there are significantly fewer manual breaks and transfers from Excel than before, and the process speed for some partial planning has increased significantly”.

Andreas Zinkel, Leiter Finanzen, Controlling and Reporting, Diehl Aviation

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