Budgeting, forecasting and planning software

Sigma Conso Planning is a budgeting and strategic planning application which perfectly fulfills your performance analysis, business intelligence and forecasting needs.

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Simplify your budgeting and planning processes

Less time and fewer resources are dedicated to budgeting and planning

  • A dynamic and decentralised process
  • Reliable, easy and quick data collection and exchange
  • Perfect integration with your ERPs and spreadsheets
  • Data display functionality
  • A real-time picture of your budget process

Complete functionality

  • Budget modelling: scenario creation (optimistic, pessimistic, basic assumptions), simulations, management of several versions.
  • Different approaches are possible with the application: top down, bottom up and by activity.

Several ready-to-use business contents

To help you better support your operational departments, Sigma Conso Planning includes ready-to-use business contents:

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