Technology and integrations

Benefit from fully integrated, secure, highly automated finance processes

Technological leadership

Seamless and secured finance processes

The Sigma Conso Financial Close suite of software is based on Microsoft .NET technology and integrates quickly and in a straightforward manner with any MS application and technology: Office®, SQL database, Power BI, Dynamics ERP, … This way, you benefit from fully integrated, secure, highly automated finance processes.

The best technology for the best performance

Why settle for mediocre technical performance when current technology enables nearly instantaneous response times? Sigma Conso is constantly innovating its financial close applications. This ensures that we can provide the most advanced technology to our customers who get the benefit of optimal performance.

While report display times used to be measured in minutes, and consolidation calculations took several minutes… our users take advantage of the speed of our applications, which take just seconds to perform the same tasks.

Advanced application integration

Sigma Conso software uses OData protocol to communicate with any transactional applications. This protocol makes it possible to easily interlink cloud application (like Sigma Conso) with any other applications, be it hosted on-premises or in the public or private cloud. You benefit this way of a high level of integration between your systems, allowing to use common structures or formulas, queries in the same database, …

You have all the benefits of the cloud, without compromise: the import and export of data is automated, thus highly secured, without using files. This makes the operations smoother and more reliable, as it limits manual intervention. For instance, you can automate data export from Sigma Conso directly to PowerBI, Qlik for immediate business intelligence capability. You can also automate data import from ERPs into Sigma Conso.

Single Sign-On

Smooth access to all your applications and improved security

The Single Sign On feature offered with Sigma Conso brings you a friendly work environment, it is easy to switch between applications, you don’t have to enter your credentials each time you open another application.

The Single Sign-On also improves the overall security level.

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